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Jenny Grönroos – singer, pianist and singing teacher lives in Gothenburg. Her entire life she has been involved with music in one form or another. Jenny grew up on the outskirts of Gothenburg, and by the sea in southern Halland. Here, over the years, she studied both singing and the piano which in turn led to her taking a music course at secondary school.

Jenny studied to become a singing teacher at University of music in Gothenburg from 1999-2003. She studied jazz-singing at Bollnäs Folkhögskola between 1998-1999 and also music theory at the University of Gothenburg from 1997 to 1998. She has even been educated in the Estill Voice Training System (EVTS) + gained a Certificate of Figure Proficiency in 2007.

Jenny works as a freelance musician and teacher in different contexts within the genres of jazz, pop, rock, soul and much more. Her work experience includes concerts, lectures, studio work, musical entertainments at parties, piano bars, private singing lessons and much more. Since 2003 she has worked a number of schools and secondary schools, at vocational schools, university + high schools that specialize in singing. She now, apart from her work as a freelance singer and pianist, works as a singing teacher at the Performing Art School Dansforum in Gothenburg.

In February 2007 Jenny released her solo album “Five hundred days” consisting purely of original material. Jenny (piano/vocals) has together with her band, Mats Eriksson (guitar), Mattias Grönroos (bass), Lars “Lade” Källfelt (drums), performed their own material at a number of concerts.

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